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I’ve been playing this game recently, a very challenging one, where you have to guide an ancient couple navigate the maze-like halls of a long forgotten civilization. The gimmick in this particular game is that there is time-traveling mechanic, well... sorta. You, the player who’s guiding the couple, live in the future and have all the tools to help guide this couple (maps, waypoints, landmarks, etc.), but the couple are way waaay in the past and have no way to pinpoint their exact location, so it’s up to you to take their cues and clues of their surroundings (every now and then they’ll be able to share a picture of where they are or have been) and guide them to their next destination.


It’s a fun, yet frustrating game called: Guiding my parents on their trip to Spain. If only they would share their Google Maps location with me (and the US Government too, of course) they would make my job easier, but alas... they’re both kinda bad at technology and stuff.

In other unrelated news, I just downloaded Swords of Ditto and I am loving it, the game is a roguelike with a few Zelda elements added. Some of the things happening in the game aren’t exactly well thought, but the main mechanic of the game is pretty awesome and I really can’t get enough of their random avatar generator.

Just the other day I got this cute little doggo avatar, it was my best character so far... and then I died right before I got to the final boss T.T


Today’s topic is randomly generated, in the toughest difficulty setting:

  • What’s the most recent game you’ve started, TAY? How are you liking it so far?
  • E3 is just around the corner, and leaks are coming from all directions, what are your expectations for the 2018 show?
  • Are your parents tech-savvy? Cause mine aren’t~
  • Share your last song played on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, etc.

Today’s Jam might get your creativity flowing:

...and if all else fails, you could always swat some flies:

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