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Hello there TAY how you all doing? Lot’s of happenings this week for a change and that is always a good thing. First, TAY Discord is celebrating two years, so go over there show some love! We’re having trivia, dumb contests and giveaways and we even read the script of Life Is Strange, with narration by yours truly. There was a handsome Brazilian accent, terrible pronunciation, an imitation of the narrator from Thomas The Tank Engine, Russian stuff, it was great. Later tonight we reading Chapter 2, so join us as we continue our endeavor through this hip hella cringe teenage drama.


As for games, I finally finished Persona 5 after 120 hours! I think the game could’ve ended a little bit sooner and being forced to play 10 or so hours in a single in-game day made things trickier than they needed to be. I also regret not being able to maximize more Social Links (Not counting the four mandatory ones, I managed to get level 10 with seven of them), it made me feel that I didn’t manage to make the most of my time with the game and that in turn reminded me of my own time as a teenager. Oh, that irreplaceable time...

I’ll come back to that crazy gang one day, but that New Game + will have to wait, I need to get back to NieR: Automata now. I need to see what the fuzz is all about. Oh and Sonic Mania finally got released on PC and it brought a tear to my eye. I don’t really let myself get blinded by nostalgia but damn, the music alone made me feel things I didn’t know I could.

Let’s hope Forces is at least decent.

Now, questions!

  • How do you deal with that feeling of “What do I do now?” when you just finished a great story?
  • What’s your favorite Remake/Remaster?
  • Is there a song that takes you back in time?
  • What games have been consuming your time?

Go on and Talk Amongst Yourselves!

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