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Gooooo morning TAY! Hope you all had your coffee/tea chocolate cause we’re hitting the ground running in today’s OF. Now... I’m gonna take the easy way out here cause I am short of examples, but that’s what you’re here for! You see TAY we complement each other... I come up with a series of questions and you all gimme your best answers!


What do Crono, the main guy from Dragon Quest III, and the kid from Blue Dragon have in common? They all look like Goku! You see where I’m going with this? That’s the perfect cheap way out to set up the topic for today’s Open Forum: Characters who are likely long lost siblings.

So for today’s questions which are likely a copypasta from a previous forum:

  • Apart from everything that Toriyama designs, which characters in video games, anime, TV shows, etc. are likely long lost siblings?
  • Similar to the previous question but this one is all about you guys, which character in media is most likely your long lost sibling?
  • As a babby did you have lots of hair, or were you a bald babby?
  • I’m hungry. What should I eat?

Today’s jam will (hopefully) take you to faraway lands:

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