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I'm really feeling it!

Open Forum: Mountain Time Version

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Good morning/afternoon TAY! Welcome to a very special version of the Open Forum. In honor of the latest news of Firewatch’s developer, Campo Santo, being acquired by Valve, today’s OF is being published at 10AM MDT.

You might be asking yourself:

  • Is the whole Mountain time shebang because Firewatch takes place in the Yellowstone National Park?
  • Is this a lame excuse cause Nach totally forgot that he had an OF this morning?
  • Did Nach prepare a pulled pork overnight and couldn’t get any sleep until 6AM?

The answer to two out of the three questions above is: Yes. It’s up to you to guess. But don’t worry my amigos, I have a very special OF going on for today. I concocted something that no one has ever tried before, The Dual topic Open Forum.


The video game industry has gone through many changes during it’s time, form being in crisis during its early days (thanks for nothing, Nolan Bushnell) to what it has become today, a proper entertainment industry. Think about this, video games have transcended the way we get our entertainment, not only we play them, but we also find pleasure in watching people play them.


Streamers, Speedrunners, and competitive gaming. The industry is no longer what it used to be, and companies have realized its true potential with E3 2018, the “biggest” tradeshow in the industry opening its doors not only to the fans (although they started doing that last year, and it was a nightmare for everyone) and the companies attending changing the landscape of the show.

We have Nintendo hosting/broadcasting open tournaments of their games in the showfloor, Twitch is holding a Fortnite Celebrity Jam, and even Microsoft who has had terrible shows in the last couple of years, is letting Mixer (their streaming platform) to take control of the show floor.


Today’s Jam is a favorite from a game I’ve yet to play:

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