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I'm really feeling it!
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Open Forum: No Sonic Adventure 2 allowed in here!

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‘hooooooy there small fries! Nope you’re not reading the byline wrong, it ain’t Twizm... it’s actually me, Nacho. And I’m transmitting live from the penis of America (AKA Florida).

Imma cut to the chase: Sonic Mania is my favorite Sonic game from all the time. And while this statement may seem to be an understatement, judging by my documented lack of love for the blue blur’s other titles in the series, believe me when I say that no other Sonic game in over 20 years has been THIS good! Why is it so good you might be wondering (if you’re wondering then it means you haven’t played it, winning yourself a stank-eye from yours truly followed by a “what is wrong with you)?


One word: Control.

You as the player always have control of whatever situation the hedgehog (fox or echidna) is in, even when the game seems to be going so fast that the camera can’t keep up with Sonic (Tails or Knuckles). There is not a single moment in the game where you’re waiting for the next action to happen (I’m talking about Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 interactive cutscenes disguised as levels). Add to all this an amazing soundtrack composed by Mr. Suave Tee Lopes (check his Youtube channel if that’s your kinda thing), that evokes the time when Michael Jackson was rumored to be working on the music of Sonic The Hedgehog 3, and finally, level design that rivals the best from the Genesis trilogy.


It’s a mastapeece.

So... now that Sonic is back, just like Alf, my questions for today’s OF are:

  • Do you think the blue blur is spinning his way into a renaissance...
  • Or will he crash and burn with the release of the terrible (at least on what we’ve seen so far) Sonic Forces?
  • What’s your favorite Sonic game? A fair warning here: I will not be held responsible if I cut you after you mention Sonic Adventure 2.
  • Sonic, Tails or Knuckles?

Today’s jam will spin your head right round and round (and it could be part of the lost tapes from Jet Set Radio):

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