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Hey y’all if you are wondering where Slinker is do not worry I did not eat him. He is hopefully staying safe and having fun while traveling. Meanwhile I am here at work. Helping people fix their phones and reset their passwords. Like a responsible human bearing. So yeah I am a bit bored here at work. Yesterday was MLK day and they gave me that off. Martin Luther King Jr. was a pretty cool dude. For anyone not familiar with him you can look into him here or just google him at your leisure.


He had a dream as his famous speech began. We should all have dreams too. Not as big as changing society although if that is your dream more power to you. I would just like to talk about dreams or goals since they are one and the same to me. i will share mine and ask you all about yours as well.

One of my longest time dreams and still is one but is currently on the back-burner is to do the following. Make and publish a video game i went to school for game design. Get my own place and get a car I have been saving up for both of these. However the big step with that now is getting my driver’s license. Start dating again this is probably the hardest one to even consider right now. However my next goal/dream of losing some weight will probably help with my confidence. I also want to start saving for retirement which is going to require some research. Also of course i plan to play more video games!

So what are your dreams TAY? Are there any dreams you have that you feel are unattainable? What dreams have been in your grasp only for you to lose them. Or talk about the dreams you remember after you wake up. Just talk amongst yourselves.

Also have this song:

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