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I'm really feeling it!

Open Forum - Radical Departures

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Hey guys it is your Temporary Guest Host Ish covering for Z again today. Recently, I have been playing a lot of Ghost of Tsuchima and have been loving it. What strikes me about the game though is how it it is unlike anything that Sucker Punch has done before. While listening to a Podcast recently this topic was brought up and I was thinking how often this is happening, whereby a studio known for one IP goes in a completely different direction and it is often pretty great.

So my question(s) for you:

  • Ghost of Tsuchima you enjoying it as much as I am? Curious what everyone is thinking, also where are you guys? I’m rolling through Act II right now and it gets harder.
  • Any games from left field you’re looking forward to? Myself I think Cyberpunk 2077 is a perfect example of this that I am also really looking forward too.
  • Any game, genre, or ideas you’d like to see implemented by a particular studio and why?
  • Random Bonus Question! Podcasts and Audiobooks? Am I alone in getting REALLY into these over the last four months?

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