I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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So I kinda spaced and forgot I was meant to be covering this today for Z, who is a little tired (likely) after doing a great job at holding down the fort over on Kotaku this past weekend. What have I been doing that I sort of forgot to plan this out? Catching up on TV as quite frankly, keeping up with television these days keeps getting harder and harder.


With the sheer volume of great TV (I was watching last weeks episode of The Flash hence the header and sort of title), great games, and life continuing to need attention. I’ve been pulled in many directions lately, but in a good way.

So my questions to you today:

- What is the best TV show you’ve fallen behind on or you’re not watch but probably should.
- Anything fun and exciting going on in this dreary February?
- Looking forward to any upcoming games that will inevitably push more things to the backburner (Hello Civ VI Gathering Storm!)


Or? Talk Amongst Yourselves!

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