I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Open Forum: Slinker on the Horizon

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Hello poTAYters I am using this last Open forum to talk about Four in February. Elihu brought it up here and I made a post as of to my plan’s here. Slinkeroo should be back next week so don’t worry. This will be my goodbye for hosting though Lets talk about how I platinumed Persona 5 instead.

I platinum’d Persona 5. Do you know what that required?

  • Beating the game (of course)
  • Collecting all the personas... personi Personins whatever
  • doing all the side quests
  • Maxing out your social stats (Smart, charm, guts, kindness and proficiency)
  • Maxing out all the Confidants (social links) in one run
  • buying all the soda’s, reading all the books, beating all of the in game mini games,
  • And more story relates and miscellaneous tasks

But yeah after 140 ish hours I am DONE i deleted that damn game off my PS4 hard drive. I will never have to hear“AND YOU’LL NEVA SEE IT COMIN’” until the dancing game hits us maybe a remix will make it more bearable.


Okay so Taytoes y’all got any games y’all triumphantly put down.

Anyone else doing Four in Feb?

No? Just chat then okay. Chat among yourselves CAY!

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This OF was brought to you by Novi you can find me on Steam owning too many games and saying they are Neat in reviews. Also on Playstation Network also as Novibear. You can look at my abandoned art page here. Shill shill shill

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