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Good morning TAY! Naw don’t worry I didn’t forget today’s OF... I’ve just been busy with... stuff.


Last Friday I found myself in an amazing place. It’s Dangerous to Go Alone and I spent all the afternoon exploring the many shops and streets of Little Tokyo in LA. Each new place we visited welcomed us with endless possibilities, especially when it comes to food: Ramen, Udon, Soba you name it, Any type of noodles you like, yes they got it!

But my favorite thing was the Taiyaki. If you’ve never heard of them they’re these fried fish shaped figures that come filled with red beans, chocolate, etc.

Today’s questions are... yep, you guessed it, food related:

  • What was the last great food discovery you’ve made? How was it?
  • Which plate from another country you’ve craving try but haven’t had the opportunity?
  • Did I just eat a fried Magikarp?
  • What’s for lunch?

Today’s Jam was playing while I waited for the taiyaki:

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