I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hello TAY and welcome back to the Forum, where friendship is magic, magic is heresy and dare not to trifle with the heretic arts, least the wrath of the Emperor smite ye! As ever it is I, thy host, Nior and I hope thou are having a great week.

Alright as you can probably tell, I’m in a W40K mood, after finishing Dawn Of War II again this week and finally getting back to Space Marine. I forgot how stupidly over the top and awesome this universe can be, which is probably heresy in and of itself, so don’t tell the Inquisition. But this week videogames took a backseat, my dogo is sick and I took time to take her to the vet. Good news is, it seems to be just some kind of allergy, the bad news is dog medicine is expensive as hell! Don’t have kids or pets, kids! Or do, I’m not your boss.


Also, apparently we just got the first ever image of a black hole, how neat is that? Thanks science!

Anyway, questions!

  • How’s the week?
  • What’s the best thing science ever did?
  • What’s the real life equivalent of rolling 1 in a perception check?

Now go and Talk Amongst Yourselves! And if you feel like talking with some other peeps in real time, why not join the TAY Discord server? We have fun and games and maids. No, seriously.

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