I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Whenever a major release comes out the internet changes, often for the worse. Where once it was okay to scroll along youtube, twitter, or your newsfeed suddenly the internet is dark and full of spoilers. Just waiting for you to fall into its claws.


Oftentimes these are not intentional (sometimes they totally are) but it sort of happened to me with Kingdom Hearts 3. As somebody with hobbies, life responsibilities, and a job I no longer have the ability to finish a large JRPG in the time before ending spoilers start to creep out. Which tends to be about five days or so.

While the majority of details remain foggy. One particular detail has become impossible to avoid without a total blackout of the internet, largely thanks to predictive algorithms spoilers now find you! I wont go into those details but multiple websites (including Kotaku yesterday) have written on this and enough cheap youtube videos to drown in a sea of clickbait have covered it as well.


So my questions to you today involve spoilers:

  • Do you actually care all that much or just in specific circumstances?
  • Do you take precautions against spoilers if you do care?
  • If you do what are they?
  • What was the worst spoiler you’ve ever gotten or accidentally (or intentionally) told.

If you do not want to talk about this spoilerific discussion just Talk Amongst Yourselves!

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