I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Open Forum - Switch Ports

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Hey folks Ish here holding down the fort on this Wednesday... its Wednesday right? Z is off doing something mysterious, cant get it out of her. So here were are.


Well I am now weeks (cant remeber how many) into lockdown with no end in sight and away from my home for now. As such my trusty Switch is my console of choice right now. As I was going through it I realized I’ve basically only been playing ports. Dragon Quest XI DE, Digimon Cyber Slueth, Toyko Mirrage, Tales of Vesperia, and very soon Xenoblade Chronciles.

Which honestly is a damn good collection in it’s own right. Made all the better by portability, it’s been said the Switch is the King of Ports and I would tend to agree.


So some questions for you today!

  • What game would you love to see ported over to the Switch. If The Witcher can (barely) fit what can’t?
  • What is your favorite Switch Port.
  • Hell, let’s go crazy what is your favorite Switch Title. You win bonus points if its Fire Emblem.

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