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Open Forum: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Appreciation Day

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Remember when video games were actually fun and didn’t take themselves very seriously? Remember when Sega was that weird company that tried too hard to beat Nintendo at their own game? Remember what point I was trying to make... Cause I seriously lost my train of thought.

Takenobu Mitsuyoshi is the product of an era of video games in which no one really knew what they were. Back in the 90s video games still lacked that touch of professionalism and self-destructive tendencies that we have nowadays (thanks Randy Pitchford and every cookie cutter villain that we have in the CEOs of the American video game industry), and such times gave the opportunity to guys like Mitsuyoshi to shine.


You see, there’s very little information about Takenobu Mitsuyoshi’s background or how he ended up at Sega composing the music for one of their biggest arcade hits, Daytona USA. The guy is enshrouded in mystery but that didn’t stop him from climbing the ladder and winning the opportunity to work in games such as Shenmue and its sequel.

Maybe it was all luck, maybe he walked into the wrong office and got hired by a company that back in the day was trying to take away a slice of pie from Nintendo... or maybe he just works really hard for what he believes in. My point is... we need more people like him (and what I really want is more cheesy music).


Let’s go away cause today’s topic are sky high:

  • Have you heard word of our lord and saviour Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, if so what’s your favorite song composed by our musical messiah?
  • What’s your favorite cheesy song of all time?
  • I am hungry TAY, let’s talk about breakfasts! Whad did you have to start off your day? What should I eat?
  • My original plan was to talk about Detective Pikachu, but I kinda got carried away by a very different topic. If you want to discuss the movie, feel free to do so here :D

Today’s songs are both mathematical and delightful:

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