I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Guess who’s back? Back again, it’s Open Forum, tell a friend! Now that I already scared half of you away, we can go on. To all who remain, I hope you’re all having a fantastic week.

So this week my FF XIV sub expired. I’m not planning on renewing it for a while, feel like playing other games now (and 11 dollars buys a few snacks to play said games with). So before I left for a while I decided I wanted to challenge myself a bit: blind extreme boss fights.


It went absolutely terribly.

These guys are not messing around! Not only the fights require a good amount of teamwork (something severely lacking in the random queue), people also kept quitting. I did manage to kill Leviathan tho (after falling from the damn platform more times than I care to count) and that felt really good. Anyway...


  • What are your favorite self-imposed challenges?
  • Ever suffered from writer/painter/insert-creative-activity-here block?
  • Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

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