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Open Forum: The Weekender

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Looks like someone forgot about the weekender... ^^

Anyway, last night a friend brought his copy of Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. I was thinking of getting the game but then I thought "Man I've played too many platformers this year, I don't think I need this game", that thought lasted until I popped the game disc in and that beautiful music started playing...

Seriously... just the startup music made me change my mind ^^ I knew I was in for a treat! Not only the game music is gorgeous it is also filled with evocative themes and styles from my favorite games of the 90s (anything by Rareware + Nintendo). David Wise... you're a genius <3 if only we could get Rareware back not that empty carcass that Microsoft bought T.T

So yeah, there's no topic today, unless you want to talk about game companies that are a shadow of their former self, like Rare!


...or you could just talk amongst yourselves down in the comments section ^^

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