I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Open Forum: This Forum Ends With You

You Have 7 Days
You Have 7 Days
Illustration: Nior

Welcome to the Open Forum, hosted by Kotaku’s reader-run blog, TAY. Feel free to join in the topic discussion, leave a comment about anything or simply check out the other articles on TAY, AniTAY and TAYClassic. If this is your first time on TAY, don’t forget to play the TAYTorial for some sweet guidance.


“Double your weapon, double your fun” - Sam Serious Stone.

How’s it going TAY? Spookctober marches on and so does the Forum that shall not be named, where we scare the undead back to dead. Like Dracula himself, I return again to host this mess on this cursed day, yours truly Nior. As ever, I hope you all having a fantastic, scary week.


Mine has been on the chill side for once. Monday was a holiday and Friday (tomorrow) gonna be another, so really the week is effectively done right now! I’m glad I get to catch a break after all those tests and its even raining a bit! Oh, the glorious rain! It’s hot 3/4ths of the year around here, so imma take every last drop of water I can get.

And speaking of things to get, today is also the release of Project Warlock, a retro shooter FPS so elbow deep in nostalgia it makes me feel like I’m 15 again just by looking at it. It has everything: pixel art, ridiculous weapons, a protagonist that won’t shut up, you name it. The trailer showed promise and I’ll never say no to some good old double barrel high speed shotgunning.


I’m also replaying TWEWY on my phone cause I don’t own a Switch and the release of Final Remix brought back a lot of memories. Still every bit as good as I remember, even if I still prefer the OG DS controls, but hey its called a port for a reason right? Here’s hoping this one sells well and Squeenix finally gives in a let us have a proper sequel.

The port is only okay, but the music? Hot damn.

Anyway. Questions!

  • How’s the week?
  • What are your favorite games to play on the go?
  • Where were you back in 2008?
  • Have you ever seen the rain, falling down on a glorious day?

Now go and Talk Amongst Yourselves! And if you feel like talking with some other peeps in real time, why not join the TAY Discord server? We have fun and games and maids. No, seriously.

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