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Open Forum: Garbage Day is Monday (And Thursday)

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“It’s the Dark Souls of...” We all heard the expression. It’s a cheap and lazy way to describe a game. Sometimes it’s because the writer lacks the words to properly explain how a game functions and sometimes it’s because they want to spark some kind of interest in their audience (because apparently everyone and their grandmothers love Dark Souls).


Either way, I’m glad writers have stopped using the expression. Unfortunately... it hasn’t stopped completely.

Enter Donut County, released a couple of weeks ago for PC, PS4 and iOS, a game in which you control a hole in the ground and suck up the scenery. It was also compared to the Katamari series.

In essence, yea... both games have something in common. You build up your size by destroying the world around you, but while Katamari is extremely chaotic (and hilarious) Donut County has a chiller vibe. There’s no time limit, there’s no way you’ll mess up the hole because you sucked up an item you should have avoided... or as simply as the fact that there is no way to fail.


As chill as the game presents itself, it still manages to challenge the player via funny and unique puzzles. Both the scope and the difficulty increase as you advance through the intricate dioramas that Ben Esposito and his team came up with, but unfortunately as one of the characters in the game said “[the earth] is flat and hollow”

Donut County is by no mean a bad game, it just ends when things started to get interesting. I guess what I want to say is... I want more! Plus it’s not every day you can destroy a fictional version of Los Angeles while at the same time eliminate gentrification.


For today’s topic let’s answer a few quick questions:

  • Chill, easy, relaxing games... what are your take on them? Which one’s your favorite?
  • Quantity or quality?
  • What’s your favorite kind of Doughnut: Yeast or Cake?
  • Doughnut or Donut?

Today’s Jam is brought to you by David Koestner and Ben Esposito, the composers of Donut County:

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