I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Open Forum: Ukelele or Ukulele?

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‘hooooooy there small fries! It’s-a-me Nach-io! In the absence of the Canadian called Evan (AKA Aven, Avan and just that one time Avery) I’ll be your host for today’s Open Forum.

I was talking to a little birdie this morning, about all the usual stuff we talk about: video games, music, languages. All of a sudden she brought up the following question:

Which one is the correct spelling: Ukelele or Ukulele?

For today’s forum please debate the above question.

In addition to today’s topic I also have these questions that you could talk about in the comments section below:

  • Other than the Ukelele/Ukulele, what’s your favorite instrument? It’s the triangle... right? Best instrument everrrr (I am not kidding)
  • Any good songs you’ve heard recently?
  • What’s better the sound of silence or noise?
  • Any thoughts about last night’s Nintendo Direct?
  • Ketchup on grilled cheese: Yeigh or Neigh?

Today’s jam will be stuck in your head for years:

Alternate version to the song above

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