I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I’ve been playing a very peculiar game called Live a Live for the past couple of weeks. I say peculiar cause it’s a JRPG that takes place in seven different settings/themes, it is also Yoko Shimomura’s first contribution with Square. But that isn’t what makes this game unique, Live a Live never got localized for us the peeps in the west.

And so, just like many games that never saw the light of day out here, we have to rely on learning Japanese to be able to enjoy them... or you know, the fan translation. In many cases fan translations are great, but there’s also the case when they are riddled with grammatical errors, lack of tact, and more often than not, no censorship.


And it makes sense, without the looming shadow of the ESRB (or PEGI) why should the translator change anything from the game. Whether it’s lewd content, alcohol references or even... racial slurs, fan translations usually face the same dilemma, be true to the original content, or take liberties to fill in the gaps and replace the things that make us cringe here in the west.


Let’s talk about these unhinged games in today’s topic/questions:

  • Have you played any fan translated game, TAY? If so which one?
  • Do you prefer when translations are kept as close to the original content or do you prefer them to be localized properly?
  • Who is Kazu and why did he touch Yuki’s butt?
  • Why do ghost love wine so much?

Tonight’s Jam is full of that lovely ragtime piano:

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