I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Whoops.... looks like someone forgot the OF (Hint: Me)

The picture above may have a spaceship, but let me be frank here:

The Odyssey talk is OVER!

No more talking about the Mario is allowed in this OF, and if I see you talking about how New Donk City redefines the open world 3D platformer genre, or how the Seaside Kingdom makes water levels enjoyable, or how about trying to break the world record in the rope jump minigame destroyed my fingers...


I will personally hunt you!

You cannot even talk about that snapshot feature. Sure it’s not as good as the one in the latest Uncharted DLC but it is still magical (because I can take picture of all the cute birds that show up in the game!).


Prepare yerself >=(

But seriously, NO ODYSSEY TALK! Ya hear me?

Today’s random topic/questions are definitely not related to Super Mario Odyssey:

  • What’s your favorite kingdom?
  • Favorite capture?
  • Have you met Captain Toad?
  • Isn’t Jump Up Superstar the best song ever created?!

Today’s Jam will make your ears sing:

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