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Good morning TAY! Welcome to the Monday Open Forum, rated as the best blog in all of the Gawkerverse by my dog*


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what’s better that chocolates and candy at discount prices that your sugar levels will rise in to a state of insta-betes (that’s what I call the period after Valentines Day where all you do is eat Peanut Butter M&M’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner)?

Love stories... I betcha you didn’t see that one coming.

Here at TAY we have talked extensively about video games bizarre couples, heavy metal romantic songs, video game music that will give your stomach butterflies, and at one time we even predicted the plot of Super Mario Odyssey.

But while we usually talk about the highlights and the protagonists, we rarely talk about those low-key romances that take part in our favorite games. Think of characters like Meryl and Johnny Sasaki in the Metal Gear Solid series, or how about the lovers at the Lover’s Pond in Breath of the Wild or my favorite Doc Louis and his Chocolate Bar in PunchOut!!

We rarely talk about these moments, but that trend stops today. For today’s Open Forum topic and questions:

  • Tell me about your favorite underrated romance in video games?
  • If you could pair characters from two different video games to make the ultimate love story, who would you pick?
  • What’s your favorite candy to buy the day after Valentine’s Day?
  • What’s your favorite flower, son? Mine’s Chocolate! 

Today’s Jam is a sweet collaboration from one of my favorite singers, the late Charles Bradley, and one of my favorite bands ever the Menahan Street Band:

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*Author’s Note: I don’t have a dog.

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