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Oh hey, I didn’t see you there. It’s Thursday again, so it’s time for the classiest of the SNES controllers to entertain you all again! I hope you’re doing fine this week because mine has been a bore. Besides our Starcraft Tourney (Go sign up. Shameless self-promo done) and even more Persona 5 (I’m almost done with it) I haven’t really been up to much. Well, I guess I did start learning some basic Dreamweaver coding outta curiosity and damn, I just gained a lot of respect towards all programmers out there, because if that’s “easy”, I don’t even want to imagine what is like to code something like The Witcher or Grand Theft Auto.

Outside of that, I’ve been in love with Foxhole, a sort of war MMO where every single player is a single unit. It has logistics, it values teamwork, it looks great, seriously, how this game managed to avoid my radar I don’t know, but I’m addicted now. I also tried to get back to MGS V and see if I can finally finish it, but no deal. That story is dumb, even for MGS standards and the online is still a clusterfuck.

So yeah, I’m in the mood for some war, so have some random questions:

  • Your biggest gaming disappointment?
  • Has War changed?
  • Your favorite conflict? (Real Life, Fantasy, Space Opera, what have you)
  • Can love bloom on the battlefield?
  • Favorite war movie/game?
  • What are you fighting for?
  • You can go back in time and stop one game from ever existing. What game would it be?
  • What am I fighting for?

Come out of your trenches and Talk Amongst Yourselves maggots!