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Open Forum: What Do You Mean It's Six O Clock?

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Ok, so this is gonna be unusually quick. Hello and welcome to the Open Forum, where the greatest of the greatest come to change the world! As always, I hope y’all are doing great.


So this past week I’ve been pressed for time because I’m once again a college student! Please save your congratulations for the comments. So from now on, I’ll be spending a lot of time there. In fact, I’ll be interacting with you all from there, so forgive me if I take a bit longer to respond. If that lack of free time wasn’t enough, the night I sit to write this text (yesterday by the time you’re reading this) there was a blackout that lasted almost six hours! So I’m writing this a bit tired so pay no mind to any oddities you may see. Oh yeah, also update on my doggo: she lives!! I picked her up last Sunday and she’s so happy! Jumping and barking and making a mess, it’s like she never left XD.

Anyway, my gaming habits have suffered a bit now that I have actual stuff I need to get done. Aand that includes my grinding time in FF XIV. After waiting in queue for what seemed like an eternity (even as a Tank) I finally got past the main quest of ARR! Ultima was an incredible boss (that died in like 5 minutes. I think I got a stupidly overpowered party) and that music, Jesus that music was godly and I hope future bosses have great tunes as well.You can no longer skip those cutscenes tho, something I’m of two minds. On one hand, it allowed newbies like me to see the end of the story unfold (even if its nothing to write about) without being left behind by all the pros just grinding tomestones away. On the other, I think allowing us to skip it IF every person involved has already finished the dungeon would’ve made it a lot more grindable. Oh well... Now I’m just grinding away the hard dungeons and making my way towards Heavensward, can’t wait to try Dark Knight!

But while one of those unskippable scenes, I couldn’t help but notice your avatar lets the big bad make a huge speech, then slowly walk towards the giant robot of doom. And that got me thinking: Why the hell do heroes do that kind of thing? And today what I’d like to ask is:

“What is your favorite thing that would only ever happen in fiction?”

Other questions may include:

  • What’s your most hated trope?
  • I actually can’t think of a third question (I’m that tired dudes) so just this time, ask me anything instead :P

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