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Oh TAY, it is THAT time of the year again. That time when I will preach about the one true great 3D Sonic game. So go get your earplugs (?) ready cause I’m going to talk about my lord and savior Sonic Colors.


The story goes like this, the donk you see writing these words is a Nintendo fan, has been for a bunch of years and will probably remain a fan for the rest of his life. As a true close-minded fan I’ve despised everything not name Nintendo (which is totally understandable) - Crash Bandicoot? who’s that fool! Spyro... bleeeh dragons are dumb. But there is one dude... that I just couldn’t stand.

Enter: Sonic Colors. Sonic’s fourth and last foray into the much maligned Nintendo Wii. A game that follows the formula established by Sonic Unleashed, aka the Boost formula, but ditches every other thing that didn’t work in that game.

To those who don’t know about the boost formula which is the closest we’ll ever get to have the 2D experience in a 3D Sonic title. Simply put, this gameplay style for Sonic titles focuses in building up power that can be used to boost Sonic’s speed so he can reach new areas and paths.


And that’s pretty much it, Sonic Colors is a game that does Sonic right. When I first played it a couple years ago I wasn’t expecting much, after all even the good games have disappointed me in the past. Sonic Colors is different it’a simple, fast, fun journey through the most colorful set of worlds. To sweeten the deal, the story is quite good and definitely has no plot holes, but most important that pumping soundtrack led by Tomoya Ohtani <3

There’s no real topic for today’s OF. Feel free to talk about whatever you want to talk about, be it love, music, food or video games.


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