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Open Forum: Wrong Topic

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I started writing this forum as if it was the first forum of the fall season... then I checked my sources and realized that whoever did the Friday forum got that honor (prob DS). So...





I have no topic for today D: But I’ll take this opportunity to share my latest gaming find (to be honest... I didn’t find this game, but a good friend of mine did).

Roguelikes... it seems like they’re the new platformer of the 90s or the shooter of the 2000s. Every small studio wants to dip their hands into the genre and every one of them wants to add their own spice to the formula. Unfortunately, few of them manage to achieve that. I’ve played many roguelikes in the past few years and very few have managed to hook me like Crypt of the NecroDancer.

Maybe it’s because the mix of rhythm and exploring dungeons reminds me of the Rhythm Dungeon mini-game from Rhythm Heaven for the Nintendo DS (only way more complex), or maybe it’s because the music is so freaking good! I really don’t know TAY....


Today’s random topics/questions are:


  • What’s worse being second or being the first loser?
  • Mango, papaya or pineapple?
  • Tell me a joke (keep it PG13)
  • If you could take one song to a deserted island... which one would it be?

Oh yeah I’m also covering for Twizm whose PC died late last night.

Today’s jam will make Michael Jackson rise from the dead:

Bonus jam:

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