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For the past week I’ve been feeling that I’ve been lacking motivation to go out. I want to do the things I love to do but my body is simply not responding, and the times I’ve pushed myself to do these things my body responds with nausea and dizziness. I don’t know if the excessive physical activity I have during the day (for the past couple of months I’ve been walking/biking up to 15 miles per day) and my body is just starting to give up. Maybe I need a new diet or it could be the heat, although LA is def not as hot as Miami, but then again I was not as active in Miami as I am in this new city but I never exposed myself to the sun and heat as much as I do here.


I really don’t know, but it always starts with a headache at around 5PM so what I usually do is go home, take some acetaminophen (depending on how bad the headache I go from 1 to up to 4 200mg caplets) and go out again to finish all my errands of the day... but as soon as I get back home my body just gives up and I start getting all the symptoms I mentioned above.

Yesterday it happened again, but unlike my weekly routine, Sundays are the days I stay at home and do nothing - at times I even forget to eat regularly as I get caught up playing games or watching movies. So I thought... maybe it’s because you’ve stayed inside all day, so I went out to eat with a friend and as soon as I took the first bite... I started getting nauseous but in my head I was like “this food is good... why am I not feeling great?! What is wrong with me?” I fought my sickness and ate all the food.

I survived dinner, but I wasn’t feeling great. As soon as I got back home I realized one thing...


I am a freaking idiot...

There are no topics question for today, just talk amongst yourselves <3

Today’s jam is drug free and won’t put you to sleep!


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