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Operation C Shows Gameboy Games Rule On Switch

Contra games are awesome. A few days ago Kotaku posted an article about this very subject. I picked up the Contra Anniversary Collection on Switch and it rocks. I checked out Operation C after playing a few other Contra games and I was surprised at how smooth it played and how fun it was to see these old black and white pixels thrown up on my 49 inch TV.


The game just looks...awesome blown up. It shows that Gameboy games can absolutely play on the Switch and the ability to play on a TV or on the go makes them even better.

So Nintendo - can we get more Gameboy games on the Switch please? Not to mention, of course, the hundreds of DS games that deserve a port? Gameboy games are at least easier to port (I’d imagine due to the DS’ dual screen complication) and I’d totally be down for a Gameboy selection as part of Nintendo online (though I’d prefer to see SNES first).


Oh and just to reiterate...Contra holds up. These games are goddamn awesome. Operation C rocks. The collection is only $20 - check it out!

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