On today's episode, we're taking a quick look at Donkey Kong Land 2 (GB), Dragon Warrior III (GBC) and Mega Man Battle Network 2 (GBA). For those of you unfamiliar with OpCon (or if you forgot, because I haven't done one in ages), it's a project I'm doing to downsize my game collection. Basically, I'm playing the first 30-60 minutes of a game I own but have not played before, then doing a first impressions sort of thing. My format isn't really too firm yet. :D I tried videos, but I don't know how to film a screen properly, so... Yeah. I think I'll go pure text from here on. All previous episodes and updates can be found at kinja.com/tag/OpCon

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Donkey Kong Land 2
I had no idea I owned this game. I think, as with half the Gameboy games I own, I got it for free from my job at EB Games... Lots of people trading them in, we didn't take them, etc. I had no idea this game existed in general... It SEEMS to be a level-for-level port of Donkey Kong Country 2. It's damned surreal. It's like those de-makes of modern games you see on the YouTubez, but this predates those by a decade. Despite the novelty of it, the game's just... Bad. The controls have a noticeable delay, the music really starts to grate on your ears after a couple of levels, and I've noticed a lot of weird graphical glitches in the time I played it... It's probably a game that pushes the Gameboy to its limits, and I commend it for that, I guess.

Verdict: Ditching

Dragon Warrior III
I vaguely remember buying this game for $3, going on name recognition alone. I also vaguely remember hearing it was good. I'll be typing this up as I play, so excuse me if it's a little disjointed. My first thought is... Wow. The graphics in this are REALLY nice for a Gameboy Colour game. They almost like SNES-good, honest to god. Another thing of note is just how... Smooth it runs. There's no jitteriness, no stiffness... It's really cool. Aside from that, it feels like a pretty plain-Jane swords 'n sorcery JRPG. Honestly, I think I was born a generation too late to appreciate this game... It has some interesting things, like "god" talking at you at the start of the game, and some kind of neat ally creation system thing, but it just isn't scratching any itch for me.

Verdict: Ditching

Mega Man Battle Network 2
My general feelings on Battle Network is that it kinda... Destroyed the Mega Man brand. I've always felt as though, had these games not been pumped out twice a year to lukewarm reception, the franchise could have been so much greater than it was. *starts playing* There are characters named... Lan...? And... Mayl? Fuck this game. They go to ACDC School? Ugghhhhhhhhhhhh... All these characters look stupid. I just started the game, and I have no idea what to do. I've talked to everyone. They're blathering on about stuff and shit... I got a report card... I don't care about anything in this game so far. I try to leave the room, "Don't you have something to do, Lan?" Yes, game. Yes I do. I have to murder something.

Verdict: KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!

That ends OpCon Episode 3. Tune in next time, when I'll be arrested for using high explosives to address the Mega Man Battle Network series. I'll leave you with this excellent photo I captured while playing Dragon Warrior III. Thanks for reading!