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Operation: Gamer Diary

Guys, I have a problem. As I've confessed a few months before, I tend to go crazy with gaming bargains. I tend to enjoy buying games at deep discounts far more than I do playing them. And it's finally biting me in the butt. See all those games in the header? Most of those games are just ones I've bought in the past two months. And I haven't even started playing any of them except Crisis Core and Star Ocean. They aren't all the ones I've bought recently, just the ones I'm not even in the realm of finishing. And this pile makes up maybe 20-30% of my total backlog. And I really need to start doing something about it.


Now part of the reason why I haven't completed many games recently is because of work. I've spent the better part of the past 3 months drawing like a maniac to complete a graphic novel that should have been finished in October, but that's only part of the excuse. Another problem I have is that I get bored and/or frustrated with a game very easily, and I tend to give up on them. First hard boss and I tend to quite like a 3-year old. A few years ago on my old blog, Nerdvana, I had a feature called Gamer Diary where I'd talk about the games I was playing, and it'd force me to play from beginning to end so I can finish talking about them. And since I'm far more motivated to finish writing projects than other kinds of projects, I ended up finishing more games in a year than I did in my entire life up until that point.

Now that my backlog is so ungodly huge (and no doubt will get worse—you don't know me very well if you think I'm going to give up passing up cheap games), I've decided to bring the feature back to my blog here on TAY. Gamer Diary is not a review of a game, it's a running commentary. Some entries will be about the games mechanics, others will be about graphical issues, and some will be straight up rants about story, characters or bosses. These entries will be filled with spoilers, tie-ins with my real life, whining, jokes and my successes. The majority of these entries will be posted only on my blog, so as not to constantly clog the main page, though if one of the Admin or Staff want to feature one of my entries, more power to you guys. I'll tag everything 'Gamer Diary', and if you want to do a similar project, go right ahead.

My goal for this year is clear out at least that pile in the picture.

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