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Opinion: PlayStation 4 Pro Appears to be Missing a Critical Option for Gamers

So, when I made my PlayStation 4 Pro impressions article yesterday which a lot of you have seen, I accidentally left out something that I wanted to bring up. So rather than going back and editing that article, I decided to give it its own article where more people are now likely to read it.

So if you remember, Sony has stated that the PS4 Pro will automatically adjust graphics settings based on the type of TV you’re using. If you have a standard HDTV, and the developer has patched a pre-existing game to do this or given a newly released game this functionality, then the graphics in general will be improved including resolution and framerate. If you have a 4KTV, the game will use the Pro’s extra power to upscale to 4K. And if you have a TV that is HDR capable, it will also switch on HDR. So basically, you don’t decide what your game will look like on the Pro. The Pro does it for you whether you want it to or not. And that is a problem.

See, I have a 1080p display, but I have considered an HDR capable 4KTV in the past and I thought about maybe upgrading. And if I do no doubt I’ll want to start watching or playing things in 4K to take advantage of that. But I also want the best overall graphics and right now 4K doesn’t allow that, too hardware intensive. But I get a 4KTV and hook my Pro up to it, I don’t have a choice. I’d rather have uprezzed textures and better lighting than 4K resolution... but I don’t get that choice because I own a 4KTV and the Pro decides what I want for me. However, if I keep my 1080p TV or computer monitor, I get that graphics upgrade that I want, but I also miss out on HDR which, truthfully, does look a lot better in the color and lighting department. As of right now, the Pro forces you to make a choice, to make compromises, and it shouldn’t be that way.


They should take a cue from Nioh, the Dark Souls-esque game from Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo. Their alpha demo released earlier this year gave gamers an option. Do you value performance over graphics? Or do you value graphics at the sacrifice of performance? It gave you that option between 720p60 with reduced graphics settings or 1080p30 with higher graphics settings. The choice was yours to make. And that is how it should be. Home consoles are becoming more and more like PC’s and it’s time we started being given the option to scale the graphics in the ways that we want too. I can understand them wanting to have some control over what options you have, and that’s fine, but at least give 4KTV owners the option to switch between better graphics and a higher resolution.

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