Hey All,

While perusing the internetz (with a z because z's are trendy), I noticed a few neat bits of anime release info and thought that there was enough of it to justify a post. So, here is a quick rundown of all the Otakon news.

Funimation picked up a glut of Bandai's prior releases, which means that they will be back in stock soon enough. But there are three in particular worth mentioning: Outlaw Star, Code Geass, and Cowboy Bebop. Why should you be excited for three series that Bandai already released? Cuz, blurays are now possible that is why! Imagine watching them in HD! IMAGINE!

Not to be outdone, Sentai announced a bunch of acquisitions too. Nothing mind blowing, but some good re-releases of old Bandai properties and the Kurokami anime that I tried so hard to love (It starts out with great promise and then transforms into a standard shonen :( ).


Oh, the BlazBlue anime got a new promo, which is neat. Honestly, I forgot it even was being made, but I will definitely keep my eyes out from now on.

Well, I guess that is about it....What? You say I have forgotten something? Why yes, I did. SHINCHIRO WATANABE IS MAKING ANOTHER ANIME! Yes, that is the mind behind Bebop (and Samurai Champloo, which is great too). Apparently, this new series is going to be a comedy and is meant only as a gag. Even so, I will take what I can get from him.

That is it on the anime news front for now. Feel free to share any cool stuff I missed below.