Out of your hands is about looking at Tv shows and movies based on video games. I'll be doing these once in a while so that I have a reason to go back and watch stuff from my childhood, and practice writing skills.

Megaman. The Blue Bomber. Rockman. My favorite video game series in all of time, megaman has been around for 25 years destroying robots and computer viruses on almost a yearly basis. It comes as no surprise that he'd get his own TV show, but that doesn't mean it would be any good, we've seen some real horrors come from adaptations over the years. So how does the show fare?


The show follows a pretty popular cartoon structure, with a villain and his flunkies coming up with new plans to take over the city, and the world, and the hero and his friends stopping him.

The Heroes:

Megaman is obviously the main focus of the show, and is a pretty generic hero, he fights for good against evil. Built by Dr. Light as a son, he is Light turns him into a fighting machine at his request so he can stop Wily' s evil schemes. Much like the game, he is armed with a buster cannon and the ability to copy weapons from other robots, though in the show he never records them for use after the battle. One major difference though is, instead of being a boy, he is a full grown man with robot abs and the voice of Goku, which is awesome.

Megaman's sister Roll, is an entirely different character. Also built as an adult, and to be Lights daughter, she is equipped with what I can only assume the writer's ideas were as women weapons. A vaccuum that is apparently powered by a black hole since it can rip robots apart from 30 yeards. A blender, a duster, and other kitchen utensils. No matter how many times she runs off to help Megaman fight Wily's robots, Light never once thinks to give her a buster cannon, or a gun, or anything that seems half practical in a fight. I mean, he programmed her to be headstrong, so he knows she is going to do whatever she wants, he could at least give her a better chance.


The 3rd, and final main character in the show is Megaman's dog Rush. He is similar to his video game counterpart, being able to turn into different vehicles like a flying jet board, or a hang glider. The game didn't give Rush much of a personality though, so the writers went with the only cartoon dog they could think of. Scooby doo. He has the same dumb voice and characteristics as Scooby doo, but as a flying robot dog, it doesn't really work. Kind of annoying, but not a terrible character.

The villians-


Dr. Wily, once Light's partner in robotics, got his feelings hurt because Dr. Light told him his programming on Protoman's brain was faulty, and thus a villian was born. He doesn't do any fighting himself, instead he just practices his maniacal laugh (which is priceless), and has his 3 main robots, plus one extra one pulled from one of the games to show up in that episode. Now, for your enjoyment, 5 minutes of Wily laughing.

Protoman- The original Prototype robot created in joint by Dr. Thomas Light and Dr. Albert Wily, and Megaman's brother. Pretty much the only useful guy in the whole cast of villians, he is obsessed with taking down Megaman and proving that as the older brother, he is the superior machine.


Cutman & Gutsman- Wily's 2 favorite lackeys, they're the recurring badies that Megaman gets to trounce freely every episode, with little resistance. Gutsman is kind of dumb and throws stuff, while Cutman has boomerang scissors and the voice of a 1930s mustache twirling evil haberdasher.

The verdict-

As this review shows, the episodes all follow the similar structure of

1. Wily has an evil idea

2. Dr. Light usually builds some new machine that just happens to be useful against Wily's latest idea.


3. Megaman almost loses, but gets saved by a. Protoman's zeal for killing Megaman himself. B. Roll saving him. C. Rush saving him.

4. Megaman gets the one time robot's power, defeats Wily using Dr. Light's latest invention, or some other tiny flaw in Wily's plan.


5. Wily vows revenge and then never reuses the plan that almost worked if he'd just fix the one small problem with it.

While the show is simple, its still good fun to watch, as most 90's cartoons are. As for being a show based on Megaman, it does a pretty dang good job of not really butchering any of the characters, and not deviating from the styles of the games or having to make up new characters.


As an adaptation 7/10

On it's own 6/10

Thats all for now, and while this one has probably gone on too long and focused too much on the wrong stuff, I'll be fine tuning it in the weeks to come.


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