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Overboss Colter - Thirst Zapper and Knife Only

The Nuka World DLC for Fallout 4 released today and I was given the impression that the difficulty has been cranked up for this one. However, just like my play through of Far Harbor, I decided to go in as naked as possible. Armed with nothing but an “Instigating” stealth knife (double damage to full health enemies) and fully upgraded armored tattered rags, I went on my way. I dropped everything else that i could; unfortunately i couldn’t leave all my caps behind, the game simply won’t let me. My mod senses are tingling.

I don’t want to spoil the entire opening for anybody, just know that there is a boss fight near the beginning with an individual called, Overboss Colter. This man fights newcomers in an invincible suit of electrified power armor that’s hooked up to the electricity grid of a bumper cars facility. Water can disrupt the electrical charge long enough for the player to damage him.


On the way there i picked up a lot of guns, ammo and explosives. Playing on the “Very Hard” difficulty, it soon became clear that even with all i have gathered, i still won’t be able to drop this overboss. I shot him, i blew him up with grenades, and i blew him up by luring him into about 18 armed mines. All were shrugged off as if i attacked him with a stiff breeze of air. It appeared as if they were right, I thought that I may need to come in fully locked and loaded for this DLC.

I was about to concede defeat when I decided to try one last thing just for shits and giggles. Playing the DLC buck naked, I rely a lot on stealth, so my stealth skills are fully developed. I snuck up behind him, squirted all over him, pulled out my knife, started poking him, and then ran away. In my retreat I thought: “Hm, that actually did a lot of damage. There may be something here.” I put my stealth skills to the test and tried to become hidden again. Once I was successful I knew I had won. After I did win I decided I might as well record this feat for the world to see. I loaded up my quicksave and produced the the video you now see embedded here. If you watched till the end then you would have heard the female audience member comment that I still need to earn respect. Open your eyes, woman! Do I have to kick Godzilla in the balls to get respect around here?

This is as far as I’ve gotten in Nuka World so far, so I won’t be making any bets about whether this fight is indicative of the rest of the game. Can I make my way through this entire DLC with nothing but my knife? I highly doubt it, thus i will not be attempting that. To be honest I’m not entirely sure how the knife ended up being so much more effective than bullets, explosives, and lasers against power armor. I’m sure someone will though. Know that you are more than welcome to educate me.

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