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P&PTuesTAY!: A Cry for Help (Now known as TabletopTuesTAY!)

Welcome once more to another edition of P&PTuesTAY! with LoserMLW. Sadly, I don't have any particular talking points this week, but I do have an impassioned plea!

Due to Real Life rearing it's scabbed, filthy head, my current gaming group is somewhat scattered and unfocused. We haven't gotten together in over a month, and it doesn't seem likely in the near future. I can keep writing articles about game systems and adventures I had in the past, or I can try to get some more of you involved. To me, it's more interesting to try for the latter.


Is there anyone in the community willing to take on some writing on P&P gaming? I would like this article to continue in the absence of me actually getting P&P game time, and as your posts and replies have confirmed, some of you have very regular sessions that are likely much more interesting than the old tripe I'd be able to throw together.

Thanks in advance, and I hope together we can keep this series going. I can put it on hiatus, of course, but I know there's some really good P&P action happening out there. If I can't be playing it myself, I'd be happy knowing that we're still talking about it.

So - who's up for a challenge? :)

Edit: Thanks to a suggestion by Poco, the new name of the series will be TabletopTuesTAY! to allow inclusion of CCGs, board games, and the like.


Edit #2: Electric Boogaloo - Send a note to me at the e-mail listed here if you are interested in helping contribute to TabletopTuesTAY!

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