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P.T. "Spiritual Successor" Allison Road Has Been Cancelled [UPDATED]

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UPDATE: Lilith have released a small statement regarding the cancellation of the project on their Facebook page:


The developer, as well as publisher Team17 simply decided to end collaborating under the Team17 label. No further explanation is provided other than “game development and publishing have so many layers of complexity.”

A monumental shame, but alas, Allison Road has come to an end.

Still, #FucKonami. Just because. Original story follows.

The news came via a tweet by the official Allison Road HQ Twitter account:


For the uninitiated, Allison Road was a first-person horror game in development by Lilith Ltd., a studio of only a handful of people. The first footage for the game looked absolutely incredible and came around the same time as the news that the news Silent Hills game was getting canned.

Allison Road looked to be a beacon of hope for people who loved both P.T. and Silent Hill’s brand of horror. It’s a shame, as this game was one that I was REALLY looking forward to. I’ll add to this piece once Lilith Ltd. release their official statement.


Ahhh damnit.

#FucKonami, probably.

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