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Parks and Rec 100th Episode SPOILERS!!

Very funny and very heartwarming episode.

Andy and April being a funny couple, Jerry being Jerry by sneezing at his own fan machine "that can create new energy", Tom getting a new job in the department helping out Eagletonians settle in their new businesses in the town (episode 2 and 3 details Eagleton combining with Pawnee), Jean-Ralphio jovially admitting he watches too much porn, Ann going berserk while Chris stressed on the gender of their incoming baby and France montage to cap off a wonderful episode!!

Leslie has started plans to return to City Council next election though her friends and Ben do not agree. She was then convinced by former archenemy Jennifer Barkley that she could go to the next level: congress instead of staying as a City Councilor. Leslie accepts her end as City Councilor with JJ's Diner and making out with Ben, and then Paris!!


Keep going, Parks and Rec. You can do it!!

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