About an hour ago, my landlord gave me my mail. I just grabbed it from the top of the stairs (I live in a basement), and noticed my copy of Cybernator for SNES had arrived. Yatta! Look this game up on YouTube, it's the tits. I opened up the package, and the game was inside with a sticky note that reads: "Please clean pins on both sides with q-tip if not working. Rubbing alcohol works wonders. Don't leave negative feedback saying it doesn't work. I'm getting sick of these game collector losers complaining about problems that don't exist just to snag a free game." There was a q-tip stuffed into the cartridge.

Today we salute you, Mr. Passive-Aggressive eBay Seller. Stay frosty.

EDIT: Left him positive feedback - "Came with free q-tip. Tried to clean with vodka but got drunk somehow."