Good morning everyone. I hope you all have had a great weeked. Here’s a rundown of some of the big stories to come out of the MMO and MOBA world from the last week.

Lord Of The Rings Online released the 17.2 update on Monday. This update includes new Stable options and Quests for Minas Tirith. The Collections Panel has been updated to allow players to see which emotes they have available and learn how to use them, in addition to playing them directly from the panel. There have also been changes made to specific classes.

Lore-master: Sign of Power: Command and Sign of Power: See All Ends now correctly apply Force of Will and Enfeeble simultaneously.

Giant Eagle pets with the Sacrifice skill active should again properly revive their defeated masters.

Minstrel: Soliloquy of Spirit no longer has idle time preventing other skills after executing.

Hunter - Hail of Arrows trait should correctly reset the Rain of Arrows cooldown when Rain of Arrows crits when the Rain of Arrows skill is used immediately following the Focus skill at the start of combat

Champion: Devastating, Brutal, and Ferocious Strikes have shorter action durations. These skills should feel less ‘clunky’.

Warden: Brink of Victory and Surety of Death can no longer be blocked, parried, or evaded, but can be resisted.

Burglar: Targets marked by “Coup De Grâce” should properly cause you to enter stealth on defeat.

Burglars now have a ranged mounted combat damage skill - The Red Dawn version of All in the Wrist is now a ranged skill


The full patch details can be found in a post on the official LOTRO Forum.

The classic early 2000s JRPG Tales Of Symphonia will be made available on Steam February 1st. The game will be the PlayStation 3 port of the original GameCube game. The entry on says it will come with English and Japanese audio as well as English subtitles with subs. It also says the game will sell for $20. Here is the announcement trailer.

If you’re a fan of old school isometric MMO games like Ultima Online, then you might have heard of WIld Terra. The game was released at the end of 2015 with graphics that put the old in old school.

In the last few months the devs decided that sprites just isn’t cutting it and have decided to change to 3d models. There was a dev blog post that went into details about the reasons for this change.


What’s interesting is that 3d models take up less memory than sprites.

Why initially we chose sprites

In our previous project we used similar technologies of character animation. Considering that we had experience in it and ready for use sprite examples, provided by the cross-platform engine, we decided to use the same method of animation, because it is more convenient and comprehensible approach.

Project development and encountered difficulties

The development kept going: new animals and character actions were being added to the game. At that point we started to realise that difficulties increase exponentially because of the sprite animation.

At the present time, all animations of the player’s character (of a mediocre quality and without full equipment), even being compressed, weighs about 30Mb. And this number is even more when you actually play the game. This led to problems with the game’s optimization and called into question our decision about sprites as the most suitable method.

3D instead of sprites

Currently a 3D-model of a character with smooth animations and all textures weighs only 800kb. In comparison with sprites, models use a lot less memory for animations ( just numerical information about characters’ bones movement is needed). Such approach allows to make smooth character’s movements and create diverse animations without extra resource expenses.


There will be several benefits to the player, including being able to have characters of both genders, additional animations and being able to mount large animals. announced that Sega will be releasing a remastered Valkyria Chronicles for the PS4.


The remastered version features a brand new HD “Canvas” engine, the BLiTZ tactical battle system, a WWII-based storyline and all previously released DLC. Interested players can preorder either a physical or digital copy of the game for $29.99.

More details can be found on the official Valkyria Chronicles site. Here is the launch trailer. After watching that, I really wish I owned a PS4.


The new season in Path Of Exile started on January 29th and has the details. This season has an ice theme to it.

The main hook of the season is that characters move faster when on chilled ground, which will be all over the game. There are 155 smaller events that fall under the overarching umbrella of the fixed seed event, including new game modes like races that start in later acts and no-portal party races.


Continuing the cold theme Dungeons and Dragons Online has begun The Winter Games. The events are The Midwinter Festival and the Risa Ice Games.

The link below has the full details of the seasonal events.



NCSoft released the Winter 2016 Quarterly Update for Guild Wars 2 on January 26th. Some of the new game play features include the ability to glide in Central Tyria, and the addition of new tactics for The Shatterer, champion of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik.


Here are the full release notes and below a link to details on the new features the update includes.

Are you interested in how much money a game company made? Well of course you are when it’s a game that requires a revenue stream for new content to come out. A game like say, League Of Legends. Good news there, the popular Moba was the top grossing PC game in revenue for 2015, at 1.6 billion dollars.


There are some other interesting numbers in this report. Social games remianed steady with a -0.8% decline while subscription based games saw a 4% drop. Mobile had a big year with a 10% increase from last year, rakeing in 25.5 billion dollars.


There are a slew of crafting changes coming to Star Wars The Old Republic for the 4.1 release. Bioware’s Eric Musco discusses the changes in a forum post.

With the release of 4.0 we made a pass at focusing and streamlining Crew Skills and with 4.1 we are continuing this effort. We want crafting to remain an important alternative to Mission and Operation gear. With the release of 4.1 we are releasing an alternative to the KotFE gear. This new tier of gear will be the best craftable gear that does not require exotic crafting materials, and to support this tier, we are introducing a new grade of crafting materials and missions. With this new change, we want Crafting to remain an important alternative means to collecting the most powerful gear in the galaxy – whether you’re looking to gain an edge in combat, or turning a tidy profit on the Galactic Trade Network.


You can read the full post here with all the changes coming.

In other Old Republic news, did a transcript of a Bioware livestream event to promote the new story coming in Chapter 10 and the story in Knights Of The Fallen Empire to this point. There is a lot of good stuff here that probably makes a lot more sense to someone who’s been keeping up with the game, so i recommend checking the article for the full scoop.

Fresh of the release of their new MMO Blade & Soul, NCSoft accounced plans for a new MOBA game . Master X Master or MXM.


The game features a Tag mechanic which allows the player to swap between two Masters, the heroes you control. There will be 30 Masters to pick from, originals as well as characters from past NCSoft games like Blade And Soul and Guild Wars. Here is the official site and did a preview that includes a trailer video. Not impressed by the trailer it’s all cutscenes with no game play footage. But the preview of the game was interesting. It will remain to see if this game can get traction in a world dominated by League Of Legends & DOTA 2.


Blizzard released two new HOTS preview videos. The first is a spotlight on Li-Ming, a new character who hails from the world of Diablo.

The second video previews the Space Lord Leoric skin.


Grinding Gear Games sent out a trio of videos to showcase the subclasses that will be coming with the Ascendency expansion.

The three subclasses are Pathfinder for the Ranger, Hierophant for the Templar and the Berserker for the Marauder. Click on the name to go to a forum post containing further details of the new subclass. We should see the expansion in early 2016.


Finally this week, we got some news of a game that was requested by a special Furby we all know and love, Vainglory. did a report from Pax South with some information on the 1.14 update.

In gameplay news, SEMC also revealed a few details of upcoming changes to Vainglory. In addition to Draft Mode, Version 1.14 will feature Lunar New Year-themed Map with fireworks and other effects. There will also be another limited edition skin, this time featuring Koshka. SEMC also announced additional details on their newest hero to hit the Halcyon Fold, Ozo. Billed as an acrobatic jungle with both weapon and crystal build paths, Ozo will be able to bounce between heroes with area-of-effect damage abilities.


No word was given of a release date but with the Lunar New Year theme that should indicate an earlier than later release.

TouchArcade also did a preview of Ozo the new character being released with 1.14

He’s a very interesting fighter because if you can upgrade to him to where two of his three abilities – a 3-hit combo attack and a triple jump combo – can be used constantly in battle, keeping you constantly active and targeting enemies in combat. His triple jump can wreck enemy minions as his third jump does splash damage, with his third ability, a Sonic-style spin attack, able to attack heroes


That’ll do it for this week. I’ll see you folks next time here at Patch Notes, your source for somewhat slightly out of date MMO and MOBA news.