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Hello again my friends and welcome to another edition of Patch Notes, the weekly column that keeps you updated in all the recent developments in the world of MMO and MOBA games.

We got a slew of Guild Wars 2 news at Pax Prime last weekend. First off, there is a release date for the Heart Of Thorns expansion.


That wasn’t all. During the Pax Prime live stream it was announced that 10 player raids were coming in the expansion.

The other big news item was that the core game would become F2P.


From the MMORPG.com story.

Some examples of ways to protect players from abuses by F2P:

  • Free accounts begin with less storage.Subtle but important changes to free players do not allow for map-wide chat, new whispers can only be started every 30 seconds, mail is limitedLevel restriction — in WvW requires level 60, for instance

The official word:

This weekend at PAX, we made some big announcements charting the future course of the game and starting the countdown to the launch of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™.

  • Raids are coming! They’ll be a big part of our live content strategy for Heart of Thorns. This is the challenging group content that our skilled players have been waiting for—deadly encounters and epic bosses that will test your team’s skill and coordination and give you a chance to earn legendary rewards. Read more about raids here.
  • Today we’re making the core Guild Wars 2 game free for everyone. WithHeart of Thorns coming, it was already a great time to invite friends and guild members into the game, and now it’s an even better one. We want to make it easy for new players to try the game because we believe that players who loveGuild Wars 2 will buy Heart of Thorns. Read all the details here.
  • We’re starting the final countdown to launch, and we’ve finally answered the one question we get asked more than any other: when is Heart of Thorns coming? We’re happy to say that it’s less than two months away. Heart of Thorns will launch Friday, October 23!

Whether you’re a veteran or a new player, there’s no better time than now to level up your characters and get ready to enter the jungle. And now you know the date when it all becomes real.

55 days and counting…

Mike O’Brien

After the Livestream William Murphy caught up with Colin Johanson and Mike O’Brien to get more details about the expansion, raids and F2P. You can read that here. It looks like it’s going to be an exciting time to be a Guild Wars 2 player.


Saturday, August 28th marked the two year anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV.

In a letter from the producer, Yoshida (also known as Yoshi-P) talks about some recent changes made to the game and what players can expect in the future. One of the primary things that were discussed however, was the addition of Alexander: Gordias (Savage) to the game. Two companies have apparently cleared the final area, with the first victory going to Elysium, on August 24, at 9:08 AM (JST). Fourteen hours later, the members of Lucrezia also cleared the final area.


The Rising event to commemorate the 2 year anniversary is ongoing from last Thursday, August 27th until Monday September 7th at 7:59 am pst. This is a seasonal event, thus seasonal quests cannot be completed after the event is concluded. You can get the quest from Nanora on the Steps on Nald in Ul’dah


If you don’t play or haven’t in a while but are curious about the quest chain’s story, Kotaku did a write up on the event. Be aware there are spoilers.


Develop-online.net is reporting that German developer Bigpoint is hiring staff for several projects, including a Game Of Thrones browser MMO. Among the positions open are Senior Live Producer, Lead 3D Artists and Senior Gameplay Engineer. Bigpoint has a website up for information on the game but there is very little there at the moment.


Have you been following the story of Star Citizen, the crowd funded MMO being led by Wing Commander developer Chris Roberts? Or have you just heard this story and want more information about it? Polygon did a extensive write up on the history of the project, the pitfalls along the way and where the game stands. Here is a preview....


Click the link below for the full story.


Last weekend at Pax Prime, Destiny:The Taken King director Luke Smith announced that the Kings Hand raid will not be included in the expansion at launch according to a report from mmogames.com.

Luke Smith, the expansion’s director, said the following during its live show at PAX Prime 2015: “Its not going to be available on day one. We definitely have a plan for when it’s going to be available. I’m not going to announce the plan for it on the YouTube Gaming stage. But I promise for people who are excited about the raid will know when it’s time to take time off work. We’ll give em’ a heads up. ”


The story on mmogames.com also has a link to an article about 27 changes coming in The Taken King. So if you’re a Destiny player and unsure about the expansion, it might be worth a read.


In other Destiny news, the final Taken King live stream will be held on September 2nd at 11:00 AM PST/2:oo PM EST on Bungie’s Twitch channel.

Bungie also released a short preview video for for the Court Of Oryx

Everquest 2 is under server consolidations and on the official forums, developer Windstalker posted a FAQ about the upcoming consolidations. If you play EQ2 then this should answer the most common questions you might have about the upcoming consolidation.



In more Pax Prime news, Trion announced new content coming to RIFT in patch 3.4, “Into The Wild.” Robert Lashley from mmorpg.com did an extensive preview of the upcoming expansion. Here’s a snipet.

A new warfront will be introduced with the upcoming content update as well. Not only is it in a new location but it is also a new type. Known as assault mode this warfront will be 15 versus 15 and teams will vie for control of 3 different way points. At the start of the match one team will go onto the offensive and the other will play defense. If the offense manages to capture all 3 points the turn will end and the teams will switch sides. The new team on the attack will have to capture the 3 points quicker than the opposite team did or lose. During the match you will also have the opportunity to capture a cannon that can help turn the tide of battle for either of the forces.


Blizzard is teaming up with Twitch to announce a new Hearthstone tournament, the TeSPA Collegiate Hearthstone Championship. Teams of three will face off against each other for a share of the $100,000 scholarship pool. Click the link below for more information or to sign your team up.


Blizzard also put a video up on the official Hearthstone YouTube account with details on the upcoming tournament.

The Imperial City DLC for Elder Scrolls Online launched on August 31st. Servers went down at 8:00 AM EST for maintenance and according to the official forums the patch has been succesfully applied to the North American servers for PC and MAC. By the team this gets posted on Wed morning the European servers should be completed updated as well. The link below has the full patch notes for the 2.1.4 update. Or if you want to see what’s new in the DLC, click here.


If you’ve been looking for an MMO similar in look and gameplay to Ultima Online, then you may have found what you seek in Linkrealms. The game started closed beta on August 29th and there were several changes made from the previous Summer End closed beta.


* Massive map expansion (from ~80 realms to ~250 realms).

* Three new environments (Dead Forest, Darkling Woods, Mount Viscous).

* Bee Hive Dungeon reworked and now functioning.

* New: Harpy’s Nest (Classic Dungeon).

* From Test Server: Hades (Phase Dungeon).

* From Test Server: Blackwoods (Linear Dungeon).

* New POI (Points Of Interest) scattered around the world.

* New random mob spawns and world events.

* One new town within the Dead Forest.


* Revised chest positioning and loot.

* Monsters now have magical resistances like players (Fire, Ice, Poison, Shock, Ethereal).

* Revised monster statistics (life, physical resistances, skill levels, damage).

* More special Tailoring crafting materials.


* Spell Defiance skill implemented.

* Town Chat active (start messages with an asterisk * to speak to all players in town).

* Jorkrut Artifacts.

* Mount Viscous Artifacts..

Go here if you want more info or check out the trailer video.


Saint Seiya Online, an MMO set in the world of the popualr manga and anime series will begin an open beta on September 10th, according to a report from mmosite.com

During the pre-test from August 21st to 24th, Saint Seiya Online has received heated feedback from all the users, and SEGA has made a lot of improvements according to these feedback. Debut in China back in 2013, Saint Seiya Online is a comic-based online game with a variety of classic elements from the original comic. Based on Perfect World’s proprietary game engine, the game provides exquisite graphics and elaborate game design.


There is a video in the report that shows off some of the combat gameplay.


Are you interested in the history of the space MMO Eve Online? Thanks to support from a Kickstarter campaign, it looks like that dream will become reality. Writer Andrew Groen announced that the proof copies of the book were mailed to him for final approval and he was able to bring it with him to Pax over the weekend.

“Thank you all for your patience,” he posted. “You’ve all been so wonderful and supportive over the past 17 months. We added some time to the project delivery window by adding the hardcover book, but it was worth it. We’re a bit behind schedule, but the finish line is in sight.”


I’m gong to wrap things up with some Lego news and a new update for DC Universe Online.


DC Universe Online will launch its Episode 16 DLC on Wednesday September 2nd according to a report from massivelyop.com.


There will be a new four player Alert called Desecrated Cathedral. Players will return to the cathedral in the Gotham Westelands at the request of Raven, Trigon’s daughter who senses a disturbance in the levels of sinful energy. What is out there behind the disturabance and what do they want? It will be up to the players to find out. You can read more about the new content in the 8/12 Creative Director Letter.


Finally this week Lego announced the release of Series 14 of the Lergo Minifigures. All the new figures can be played in Lego Minifigures Online. Simply talk to the Monster Scientist in the LEGO Center to start the new Monster Trials where you can earn parts to make the new minifigures.


Well that’s all i got for this week, and I think that’s quite a bit there as it is. Please give me your feedback in the comments. Do you guys like this feature? Are there things I can do different to make it better? Please let me know. I appreciate your support and I wish you all a great day.

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