It's 7:11 p.m. on April 22nd when I wake Kelly from her slumber. Her bare room - a fairly understated proclamation as literally there is no wallpaper, and no carpet for Kelly to rest her red Mary-Janes on as she hops out of the bed with red sheets - seems cold and lifeless. If not for Kelly's shocking pink mohawk, purple 1950s glasses and her red-striped "Where's Waldo?" dress, there's no colour to be seen in this house that could use a serious upgrade.

The town of LaGrange (ha!) is ready for her to go explore and as she steps outside, her mailbox flashes a notification..."read me" it entices. Kelly makes a move towards the mailbox, no doubt filled of letters from her friends...she's lucky she can do that much. Last year when I visited her, I saved her from a scolding from that infernal mole. He was spewing something about exiting without saving. I wished I had a wooden mallet. I chuckled silently as he continued his lecture and I think about playing whack a Mr. Resetti.

Immediately, I notice the weeds. Cherry, pear and peach trees stand outside her house. It's also spring time in the world. "Wow," I think, "lots of fruit trading? Wait, how does this go again?"

Back at the mailbox, let's see what's going on in LaGrange. I'm sure some of those bastards up and left her. Yep, there are 5 letters waiting to be read and no space to put them.


"Keep or toss"? Ugh. Fine, let's see what's she's holding on to.

A letter from the H.R.A. that remains unopened. Kelly's probably scared by her rating system. Uh huh, sure enough they're berating her room. Well after three letters of such biting critique, no wonder she won't open mail from them anymore. One from Antonio - and he's talking about how he rocks. Sure you do, Muscle Head! A bottle letter from Lucio to someone else. Oh, ha ha. I forgot you sometimes get those via seamail. Another from Eloise - ooh, harsh. She's telling Kelly to get her look together. Kelly's an embarrassment to you, is she? Psh. And more junk of animals moving away...yada yada yada. I hope Kelly was not overly fond of Derwin because he's out. Oh shit, Bella had a Birthday party on December 28th...! And...


::!!Exclamation Point!!::


What the...?

Oh, an animal caller has come skulking around her house, spotted her and is now anxious to have a one-sided conversation.


Angus (the female...bull...? What? the play on words gives me amusement but why does this cow look like a bull?) is bestowing a rose shirt to Kelly.

Phew, Kelly really is a poor child with no clothes and wardrobe to handle. A lack of Fashion Sense? I think she looks good but I guess the animals beg to differ.


I have Kelly accept her shirt...wait, do I remember you can accept with a degree of exuberance or do so nonchalantly? Well that was odd.

After a "friendly" threat by Angus, I walk Kelly over to a peach tree with fruit that's on the ground. Someone's been shaking and wasting fruit. Oh, Kelly...


I walk Kelly off around town a little bit but it's back to the house with her to save. My 3DS is dying, it seems. Wouldn't want to run into Mr. Resetti again. Or ever.

It's a small peek into Kelly's life - which I bought used, complete with instruction booklet and case for about $8 last year at a Flea Market in town after my good friend may have forgotten that she has my copy of my own Animal Crossing: Wild World sitting somewhere in her house (and I'm not so sure I'll ever see it again). I have no idea who Kelly is but I think she may have sadly sold her game to me last year. Maybe that was Kelly... I'm not so sure.


I've no idea how much time Kelly spent with her animals. I haven't explored her museum to see how her progress goes with her collection. Town Tune? I don't know what it sounds like either. And I certainly don't know how many bells she owes to the Crook, Nook.

I'd explore more of Kelly's life if I could but it's all going to have to wait. It's been quite the while since I played any installment of Animal Crossing and with New Leaf out in a little over a month, I don't want to be spoiled when I boot up my own new adventure (if that's at all possible).


One day, I'll bring Kelly out to play. I'll probably forget everything I just experienced - the name of her town. Derwin. I'll probably forget that cockroaches are waiting for her on the first floor of her house when I put her to bed for the night (not so bad after all, Kelly! I rather like the Chinese wallpaper you got going on downstairs).

Or maybe Kelly will be stuck forever in time, in her (newly) acquired rose dress from Angus and her questionable fashion sense.


Anyone have any used file save stories to share from games you've lovingly bought second hand or acquired? Got some Kellys of your own, maybe? Let's talk!

TAY Classic is full of discussions with other animals. I promise the conversations are not one-sided and there's no one over there to judge your rose-patterned shirts and dresses. So go on and visit by clicking the link!