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With the new consoles gearing up to come out soon..
You may be thinking..
Hey.. I should re-route, and tidy up my entertainment setup!
Maybe even dust and clean up all those pesky dust bunnies before they cause problems...

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... and you should! Your setup will look better, and last longer if you follow some simple tips.

The first, and arguably the most important thing for you to learn, is this website.

-They have cheap, great quality cables that I've used for years.
-A 6 foot HDMI will run you $3.50
-A 6 foot Optical audio cable is $1.94
Look around there for yourself.. get what you need, and get it cheap. :)
Hopefully, this site will help you save up a little for that shiny new console.

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After you have whatever new cables you need.. you'll need room for your new console.
Instead of just throwing the new console into some available gap.. you should do some preparing before hand.
Here are some simple things to consider doing while waiting for launch.

-Dust Everything!-
Dust is a common, but often ignored, enemy of electronics.
It can block fans/vents.. and cause overheating. Which in turn, WILL lower the operating hours of your devices.
If you have an air compressor (can duster will work too), unhook your devices, bring them outside or in the shop.. and blow them out.
Just doing this one thing once every 1-2 years will end up saving you quite a bit of money.

-Help Your Equipment Cool Itself-
Many of your devices will have a cooling fan, and with multiple devices in close proximity.. things can heat up quickly.
Be careful to give each device adequate ventilation room*.
Also, take care to avoid one devices exaust being re-directed into another devices intake.

-Route Cables Neatly-
This is mainly for aesthetics, but if done properly, it can also aid in the cooling of your devices.
I suggest using zip-ties, but you may use whatever you prefer. (Not rubber bands, the heat will age the rubber quite fast.)

*-Optional Tech. Tip- Add Extra Fans-
If your devices are a little cramped, or in a cabinet... there's a pretty good chance things are getting warm.
It might be worth thinking about adding some PC 120mm fans and run them at ~5v. (much queiter than 12v)
You don't need much airflow, and you definitely want a fan that doesn't make much extra noise.
Just a little extra exhaust airflow can really help out.
Research cabinet cooling if you want to learn more. (or ask me)


There you have it! The secret to keeping things working longer.
Keep things clean, and cool, you'll spend less money in the long-run.

If you have any questions, or anything to discuss feel free to ask. :)

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a clean and organized home for your new console(s)!

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