I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Perhaps the Best Analysis of Metal Gear Solid 2 You Will Ever See

Super Bunnyhop (who is quickly becoming my favourite games journalist) created this amazing analysis of MGS2 two years ago. I just watched it today. Perhaps you’ve seen similar interpretations of the game before, but to me, this is all brand new. Essentially, it’s analysis of the game as more of a postmodern deconstruction of social memes (not the grumpy cat kind, the Dawkins kind). And honestly... While MGS2 was always my favourite MGS game, I like it a lot more after watching this video. [Runtime: 35:40]


(And seriously, the whole last section of that game, where Arsenal Gear has been hacked and everyone says weird, creepy shit... It still gives me chills. Such good done done done done done done perfection. Fourteen seagulls. $*9029*823003494&%^@*.)

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