So not sure if this is old news to anyone, but it is news to me. This is going to be awesome! The version will not be dubbed though, it will only be subbed so if anyone out there likes there English voice acting (which I despise) your out of luck. Really though it wouldn't matter to me if it was dub only, because I would be buying this anyways, seeing as Persona is one of my favorite series. As well as it is the game that sucked away so many hours of my life. (But it was worth it)

The trailer mentions a standard and collector's edition, which some of the swag the collector's edition comes with is worth the extra money that you will have to spend on it. The collector's edition will come with the movie, trailers, audio commentary, original soundtrack CD, exclusive box art, newly-illustrated cover art, a 48-page deluxe booklet, Persona 3 stickers and key art illustration cards.

I really would like to have that soundtrack, (even though I already have it) Because some of the music from P3 is just fantastic. I also really enjoy looking at the art of JRPGs, and Persona's is no exception.

It's nice to see that Aniplex is going to release this here, because many things that people want from Japan often don't see a western release for long periods of times. This time the wait will have been less than a year, because the Blu-Ray standard and collector's edition will be released here in the U.S. on May 20, 2014. (It was released in Japan Nov. 3, 2013) If you want to preorder (preorders started 4/7) either copies you can do here at the Aniplex store page.

After my next pay check I will definitely be preordering the Collector's Edition. So has anyone seen this movie before? I haven't seen the entire thing, and never have had the chance to really, so I'm pretty excited about this. Next thing that we should get from Persona/Atlus is some footage of Persona 5!

Ugh, the wait for this is killing me.