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Persona 5 And Persona 4: Dancing All Night First Details

*Update: Added the opening video for Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold as a bonus

Thanks to some "leaked" articles from Dengeki Playstation magazine we get to know the first details about the recently announced Persona 5 and Project Div.... I Mean Persona 4: Dancing All Night.


Persona 5

  • They say that Persona 5 is a RPG with the message of expressing the emotional catharsis in the shout of joy made after overcoming your trials and finally being set free of your chains.
  • The game will still center around the school life, but the tone will be completely different from past games in the series
  • The chairs in the teaser are indeed of a high school classroom

So we can pretty much speculate than stress from student life would be a major element of the game, maybe you need to past your test first in order to access the dungeon and that somewhat would explain the chains in the chairs don't you think?

Hatsun... I Mean Persona 4: Dancing All Night

  • The game will feature arranged tracks by Tetsuya Komuro and Daisuke Asakura. There are other big name musicians involved which they will announce in future
  • The game is confirmed to take place after the events of P4U2 (P4A2)
  • Confirmed tracks so far include Pursuing My True Self, HEAVEN, Reach out to the Truth and Time to Make History

So it seems the game will indeed have a plot, and we need to play P4U2 before this to get it, and so now I'm more excited about this.

As a bonus, here is a pic of how the protagonists of the theatrical adaptation of Persona 3, Persona 3: the Weird Masquerade ~Ao no Kakusei~, will look (the female protagonist is well-know voice actress Kana Asumi)


Seems like Persona news aren't stopping these days huh? Not only the first Persona 3 movie was shown on theaters in Japan, the second part was announced for summer 2014, then a bunch of games, and even a Play, Wow.


Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold

Atlus released a trailer with what seems to be the opening for upcoming Persona 4 Arena sequel that is releasing on arcades across Japan and will be released for the PS3 next year

Now time to have fun, what do you think the chairs in the trailer meant?

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