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Persona Q Takes Pre Orders Exclusives To A Whole New Level

If you thought that having to decide between the pre-order exclusives of GameStop and Amazon was too hard, well Persona Q pre order bonuses takes the concept to the next level of causing fans indecisiveness.

Check this useful chart (descriptions below) to see what I'm talking about!


Note: Click on the links for the individual sample image

1) Futaba: A4-sized clear file
2) Sanyodo: A4-sized clear file with a different illustration
3) Medialand and GEO: Clear file drawn by the Anime staff
4) Animate: Spectacle case and cleaning cloth
5) AmiAmi: Also a spectacle case and cleaning cloth but with a different design
6) Mediaworld: A Kuma (Teddy) keychain
7) Lawson: P3 and P4 MC metal keychain
8) Family Mart: A "cushion cleaner" strap
9) KyaraAni: A microfiber cloth
10) Trader: Another microfiber cloth, because glasses in Persona are all the rage of course
11) Enterking Online: An IC card sticker
12) Neowing: 3DSLL (Japan's XL) sticker set
13) Furi1Online: IC card stickers
14) 7-eleven: A postcard
15) Gamers: Persona Q character desk mat
16) Qrest: A bus case (used by people in Japan to protect their special fare cards/bus pass)
17) Stellaworth: A set of four can badges
18) Momotaro: "Bromide" card
19) AsobiCity: A telephone card
20) COMG!: "Quo" card
21) Sofmap: Telephone cards drawn by the Anime staff
22) Fammys: A Tosho card worth 500 yen
23) Imagine Web: A Tosho card worth 500 yen with a different design
24) Amazon Japan: A....... wallpaper!!!!!!! OMG

Oh, I almost forgot, the top image is the pre-order bonus from WonderGOO: an A3-sized mini tapestry drawn by the Anime staff

Remember that Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is set for release on June 5th on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, and sometime this Fall in North America (wonder how many of those we will get).


Via: Siliconera

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