I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled PewDiePie Privates Video Criticizing iBear Simulator/i After Scaring Dev Into Quitting

On January 27th, PewDiePie uploaded a SCATHING video criticizing the indie game Bear Simulator. This ultimately led to the developer quitting.

Update: PewDiePie unprivates video with response

PewDiePie’s video itself had many pictures of the game’s positive reviews, using the reviews (with steam account names uncensored) as the focus of the joke.


After PewDiePie’s video, the game has gained many highly rated negative reviews, which likely led to the Developer’s recent decision to quit supporting the game, citing “drama” as the reason.

PewDiePie’s sudden decision to private the video possibly foreshadows an apology or response to the backlash of the video. More on this as the story updates.

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