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PewDiePie UnPrivates Controversial Bear Simulator Video, With Response To Backlash

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After different levels of drama led to an indie developer quitting his $100k kickstarted project, PewDiePie’s video which led to this drama has been put back up. Along with the video, PewDiePie left a comment explaining his decision to leave the video up.


After privating the video yesterday, PewDiePie proceeded to put the video back up today with the following statement in the comment section regarding the drama the video caused (Editors comments are in bold):

So I decided to keep this video up despite of drama..

I orignially took the video down yesterday after hearing thed eveloper felt discouraged from getting harsh criticism (Most likely not only from me).

Now, I’m not interested in making people feeling bad, so I took the video down..

But later after hearing he stopped developing games in total and gave up on this project, it kind of made me think I should keep the video back up. Obviously you don’t stop making games because of one person’s video, and me taking it down made it seem like that was the case to some people.

Editors Note: The developer abandoned the project, not game development

The video speaks for itself, but I do think it’s a shame he stopped making games.

I’ve been faced with very harsh criticism in my days online an dI know it can be rough as hell.

But you can also learn from it, and grow from it.

By abandoning this game you’re letting the people who supported and who is supporting you down. Which isn’t really fair to them.

There has been plenty of times when I felt like quitting YouTube for example. But it just doesn’t make sense to quit, just because some people maybe don’t like it?

Although being public on the internet isn’t something everyone can handle, I get that.

Here’s to hoping the developer has a change of heart.

Take this video with a pinch of salt... like all my videos, honesty.

More on this story if it develops further.

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