Cancelled. Sorry about that, folks. A fucking raccoon got in the house, and the family upstairs is on vacation. Ffffffffffffffffffffffff. I go to get some spray-painted LARP armour from the laundry room, and there's a raccoon getting at cereal or something in the cabinet. Maybe we'll try again tomorrow? :'D

Awwwwww snap, fo'real, son? That's right. I'm doing another livestream! This one will feature Super R-Type, R-Type III and Sonic Wings, plus maybe other stuff I feel like putting on. I've been away from TAY for a while because I've been entirely too committed to a LARP thingy I have happening next weekend. Almost done my costume, Nerf guns are pretty much all painted and modded... A surprising amount of effort goes into being a nerd in a field. :P

Tune in a 9pm EST. Video live below, although I'd prefer you hit up the actual site and type in the chat there. Whee~