I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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PHC Contest Blip

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I'm feeling generous. I will give a CDN$20 Steam credit to the winner of this contest (or a game of $20 value or less, your choice). Why? Why not. You guys are teh funzies.


I'll make it easy though. Well, easy enough that anyone can enter. And you can enter one of two ways:

- Draw something I might find cool or interesting on MS Paint or UDraw WITHOUT using any licensed characters or trademarked things. It should be capable of making me go, "Shit, that's pretty rad."


- Write a coherent, interesting and not-too-lengthy fan-fiction about any franchise you can think of. It should be baffling and offensive, but without the use of sex, violence, potty humour or demeaning of racial/sexual/etc. groups. It should be capable of making me go, "F-F... What?!"

Deadline is Friday. Prize will be given out on Friday because I'm pretty sure that's payday. I am not expecting effort or talent; I would actually prefer lazy bullshit. It's better that way.


Also, please, no burner accounts or mainpagers that basically only come here to shit on people's well-written articles. This is a TAY contest.

Have at 'er.

PS, I have no idea why the display picture is what it is.

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